Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fishing Cools Off with the Temperature Drop

Last week's warm weather delivered some
good fishing. The cold weather  of the last
few days have really cooled off the fishing.
And, with the threat of snow, it does not
look good.
You may have noticed that we are back to late winter weather.  I got out fishing  this morning, and the temperature was only in the upper 20's and I caught nothing. Yup, the weather has really cooled and as the temperature has dropped off in the last few days, the fishing has also.  That's a March pattern.
Carp are very attuned to weather changes.  In the spring, when the water is cold, they especially become active and go on the feed in a warming pattern. We had that last week and the fishing was good.  But, when the air and water temperature drop at this time of year, the fishing slows to a crawl.
So, sit tight for a few days, or get out and hopefully get a fish or two.  More consistent and warming weather is coming but you might have to wait for April to see 60 degrees again.

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