Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In the Snow, Cold and Wind

Here's a common that was caught
in this week's snow. The fish are
around but it will take a lot of
effort to get one or two in this
cold weather.
I am all done with my skiing and I am now concentrating totally on carp fishing along with bike riding.  So, I am out fishing EVERY day, even on those days in which the weather is not so ideal.
That being said, the last three days have been brutal.  And, it has really affected the fishing. I fished a lot  in different locations and came away with a grand total of 3 fish. It was not productive, but still goes to show that carp can be caught in any weather with a little persistence.
With the absence of any pests, the top bait continues to be sweet corn on the hair rig. At times, I am using a method ball, at times I am not. It is not so critical in this cold water, and I usually use one on one outfit and the other has none.  From there I see which one get the hit.
With somewhat warmer weather on the way, look for the fishing to improve a bit. More consistent fishing will come in April.

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