Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Location Strategy....Under Bridges

I love fishing under bridges.  A bridge along a river can offer so many advantages in fishing for carp. A bridge acts as a giant canopy and provides shade and cover for carp.  They especially like to hang in these spots on a warm day when they are trying to escape the heat (those days are coming!).  In addition, bridges cast a shadow line in the waters below.  Most predators like to lurk along this line to ambush food that might be floating down a river.  The shadow line is a prime spot to cast your offering, especially at night if the bridge's lights shine below.  I also like to fish under a bridge in the rain.  It's kind of eerie as raindrop can be noisily pouring down, but under the bridge remains quietly rain free. I've had real good luck fishing under bridges in the rain, and I stayed dry also.  So, if you know of a bridge that looms above a carp filled river, try to get under it and start fishing.  These are prime spots to catch carp.

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