Monday, April 23, 2012

Mentoring Leads to Big Fish for Newbies

The RI CAG has a few experienced fishermen.  But, we have many more inexperienced carp fishermen.  This is the type of fishing that is very difficult to learn by yourself.  So, our group has set up a mentoring program where some of our experienced guys have volunteered to take out the less experienced beginners.  I have been taking out some new guys and Jeff Allard, one of our most experienced big fish hunter, has volunteered to take out some new guys also.  It has paid off BIG TIME as these newbies have scored some impressive fish recently.  Jeff took out a guy named Mike who was new to carp fishing.  Mike ended up landing a 19 1/2 lb. mirror, a very large fish (pic at left).  I took out a guy named Tom who I met carp fishing last year.  Tom went out and bought a lot of the gear needed for carp fishing, but couldn't seem to break the 10 lb. mark.  So, we went out one day to one of my prime spots.  Tom ended up landing a 21 lb. 12 oz. mirror (pic at right), huge for this state and his very first 20 lb. fish in either salt or fresh water.  Check out this fully scaled beauty.

The RI CAG is always looking for new members.   If you join the national group, you are automatically enrolled in the RI group.  The national group  offers everything from member packets when you join to discounts to tournaments to a newsletter.  The RI group offers you a very valuable and friendly network of fishermen who constantly communicate by e-mail.  We also offer fish-ins and get togethers, and we'll even set you up with a mentor if you need one.  To join, visit the Carp Angler Group website at  "Join CAG" is located at the top of the home page.  Note that before joining you will need to register and then proceed to signing up.  Consider joining our group.

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  1. catches like that are what this club is all about