Thursday, April 5, 2012

Small Ones Can Offer A Challenge

My big fish spots have not been producing in the last few days, but the small spots that offer small fish (under 10 lbs.) are producing like crazy.  I've landed 24 carp in the last four days and I have only been fishing a couple of hours in the morning as I have begun my striped bass fishing in the evening.  Don't underestimate these smaller carp that tend to run 3-10 lbs.  They will produce some of the most violent hits you've ever seen and they are real scrappy on the fight. They can be a challenge to land just like the larger fish.  The smaller ones also tend to bunch up at this time of year so if you find one carp, you are likely to find a good number of them.  With the nights being very cold and daytime temperatures back to normal, the water has cooled considerably, and that has shut off the bigger fish that tend to hang around big waters and big rivers.  But, these dropping temperatures have had little effect on the smaller carp. So, right now, they are your best best.  Hit small, shallow ponds, rivers and canals, and you should find decent number of carp that want to hit.

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