Friday, April 13, 2012

New CAG RI Mirror Carp Record

I hit the jackpot today as I landed a new RI Carp Angler Group mirror carp record.  The beast weighed 25 lbs., 12 oz.  I already hold the mirror carp record for RI at 25 pounds so this fish beat my previous record by 12 oz.  The fish was caught in a new venue I have been fishing lately.  Besides this brute, I landed two other two other mirrors of 20 and 23 lbs. today along with a smaller fish.  All of these fish were taken on a plastic pop-up (from cut up plastic worms....see ) with a single kernel of unflavored Stop and Shop sweet corn on the hair rig.  It was all fished ahead of an oatmeal based method ball that was flavored with sweet feed.
The national Carp Anglers Group maintains records for mirror carp and common carp in every state.  To qualify for these records you must submit a picture of the fish, a weight, and a witness to the catch and the weigh-in.  I had all three! The fish was released in great shape. Hopefully, one of our members will meet up with her again!

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