Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prime Carp Waters Open Up on Saturday

Finally Opening Day is here, and I'm excited.  I'm not excited about fishing for hatchery raised trout, but I am glad that many quality carp waters will now open up after this weekend and I can finally fish them.  There are many places where trout are stocked that also hold great numbers of carp and some real large ones.  These places have been off limit since March 1 due to trout stocking and Opening Day. Places like Brickyard Pd. in Barrington, Olney Pd. in Lincoln Woods State Park, Lake Tiogue in Coventry and the Blackstone River are all famous and popular carp places in RI and will be open soon.
I should remind everyone that the use of corn for bait is prohibited in these trout stocked waters.  It's a crazy rule unique to RI.  Corn is ok to use in every other state's waters, but not in RI trout waters.  Hmm, what's that all about? If you do fish these spots, try such baits as chick peas, doughballs and boilies.  Also, chumming is prohibited in these waters.  But who's chumming?  Most of us are "prebaiting".
This weekend will be a zoo in the above locations with tons of trout fishermen, but after this weekend....look out carp, we're coming!

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