Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Third CAG Record in a Week, 31 1/2 lb. Mirror!

Never before in the history of carp fishing in RI has a 30 lb. mirror been landed. Not even close. Well, another record got smashed today as I landed the mirror of a lifetime here in RI with a 31 lb. 8 oz mirror carp.  This was the third time I've broken the RI CAG mirror record in the last week with a string of three fantastic mirrors that weighed 25 lbs. 12 oz., 27 lbs. 2 oz and 31 lbs. 8 oz. Most carp guys never thought we'd ever see a thirty pound mirror here in RI, but here it is. The massive fish hit a combination of a plastic pop-up sliced from a white plastic worm along with a kernel of sweet corn on a hair rig.  It was all fished ahead of an oatmeal based method ball flavored with sweet feed, the same bait combination that caught all three records. The fish was unhooked, photographed and released.  So, it still swims RI waters!  Hopefully, we will meet up again.

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  1. nice work and congrats on your 3 record catches Dave you definitely deserve all the recognition that you get for the time you put into catching those monstas. love your blogs and keep up the good work.