Friday, July 13, 2012

Crazy Good; Method the Key to Scoring

The good times just keep rolling.  After landing 22 carp two nights ago, I went back last night to my hotspot and landed an astounding 26 carp in less than three hours.  I knew it was going to be a wild night when I put my two rods out and started to set up my chair.  Before I could pull out the legs of the chair BOTH alarms started screaming at the same time.  After a wild fight that at times looked like a Chinese fire drill, I landed two mirrors that went about 7-8 lbs. apiece.  From there it was just about non-stop action.  Rarely did I have two rods in the water as I was always baiting up a hook, fighting a fish, netting and unhooking a fish, etc. Three times I had doubles (see photo of double taken at dark) like I started with.  I don't think I sat in that chair for a total of ten minutes the entire evening.

The key once again to the hot action was the use of an oatmeal based method ball along with sweet corn on the hair rig (see photo).  When I ran out of method, the hits decreased big time.  Here is the formula I am presently using to make my method:  3 parts old fashioned oatmeal, 2 parts crushed up bread, 1 part sweet feed (you can skip this if you don't have the feed), 1 part corn meal, 1 part corn.  Add water slowly and knead until it sticks together.  Once made pack the method around your sinker (see photo).  It should stick and cast if you have the right amount of water.  Using method mix will greatly increase your catches. 

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