Sunday, July 1, 2012

Off the Beaten Path for Best Action

The next two weeks will be very tough for carp fishing.  Throngs of people will be hitting the freshwater waterways of RI causing a lot of disruption.  I am seeing canoes and kayaks where I've never seen them before. It is loaded with big motor boats and jet skis in many of the big ponds and lakes. People are jumping in and swimming along the Blackstone River (yuck, is this legal?).  The state parks like Lincoln Woods are a free for all.
Carp are very attuned to their environment.  The slightest disruption will spook them and turn them off to feeding.  For the last week and for the weeks to come I will be concentrating my fishing on a number of spots that I refer to as "off the beaten path".  These are places few people go because they are not well known and are often difficult to get to.  Most of these places hold smaller fish, but hey, smaller is better than nothing in my carp fishing book. I got out this morning and landed several fish to 8 lbs. in one of my "off the beaten path" spots.  Other good fishermen I know will do more fishing late at night in the more popular spots after the crowds depart.  With it getting dark real late, you are talking some very late night hours. I also try to adjust my fishing times, choosing to go out in the cooler hours in this heat, fishing in the morning and evening and skipping the heat of mid day.
So, I know a lot of people are on vacation this week, and they might want to fish.  There are still good numbers of carp to be had  in the dead of summer, but you will have to adjust the times and the places you fish in order to consistently catch carp.

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