Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fishing the Right Times

Getting out and fishing the right times make all the difference in the world at this time of year.  We all know it's hot.  The fish know it too and their daytime activity and feeding has slowed to a crawl.  Yet, if you can get out in the coolness of real early morning, evening or nighttime, you'll find fish that are willing to hit.  Those times will be your best bets to catch carp in the dead of summer.
I got out tonight about 6 PM.  A setting sun cast a long shadow and shade in the place I was fishing.  I got nothing for a little over an hour.  Then, from 7:30 until darkness I landed three decent mirrors that ranged from 10-15 lbs. (see photo of fish taken at darkness).  I also noticed an uptick in activity at that time as fish were rolling on the surface and moving in the shallows. The fish definitely became more active as the sun was setting and the weather cooling.  The three fish I landed all took doughballs, the hottest bait for me in the past two weeks. If you are planning on carp fishing in this heat, get out during the coolest parts of the day or fish at night for the best chance at getting fish.


  1. Hey Dave,

    Could you share some locations that would be good for this time of the year? I'm a novice when it comes to carp and am just looking for some action, not necessarily large fish. I'm located right in Lincoln, RI. Also, do you use the method mix with your dough balls?


  2. Hi Dave,

    My name is John and I am writing from Fairfield County, CT.

    I have never fished for carp. Could you recommend a book (or some other trustworthy source of information) to cover beginners' questions such as tackle, when/where to fish, etc.? I am particularly interested in fishing in moving waters.


  3. Couple of all the past posts on this blog. Click the dates on the right to see them. Check out the Forum on the Carp Angler Group website, Consider contacting the chairman of the CT Carp Anglers (can find info on CAG website and possibly they could inform you about fish-ins or get togethers). I know they also run informative seminars in CT. Not much out there on books. I also run seminars in the winter at many of the big shows (Springfield Sportsmens Show). Most of the info is on the Internet.