Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remote Areas of Blackstone River Producing

This is the time of year to explore the Blackstone River.  The river is real low right now and banks that are usually underwater are now totally exposed and fishable.  The problem is finding these hidden spots that are often off the beaten path.  I like to explore different areas of the Blackstone River on foot and by bike in the daytime. If I find a good looking spot, I will return in the evening to fish.

I've been fishing a couple of these remote spots in the last two days, trying to get away from the hordes of people out and about.  I fished two spots where I don't think human footprints have been this year.  It was virgin territory.  Yes, the carp were around as I landed 5 fish (one common and four mirrors) in the last two evenings that went from 10-20 lbs. (see photo). All these fish were taken on doughballs, my hottest bait of the last month.

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