Thursday, July 12, 2012

HOLY CARP! 22 Carp in One Evening!

Numbers wise, I had one of the biggest summer nights of carp fishing yesterday evening that I ever had as I landed 22 carp (19 mirrors and 3 commons) in less than three hours of fishing. I also had probably another 5 or 6 fish on that I lost.  Fishing had been marginal for me in July up to this point with a couple of fish an outing, but I kept moving to different places until I found the Mother Lode.  Before anyone gets real excited, I will tell you that most of these fish were small and all were under 10 lbs.(see photo at left).  But, who's complaining?  It was great to hear the alarms screaming almost non-stop.
In the last month, I hadn't caught a carp on corn. Doughballs and chickpeas had been the hot baits. That all changed last night as I went with sweet corn after getting nothing on doughballs.  I think sweet corn is far more effective on smaller fish so I'm not surprised at how effective this bait proved to be.  Besides, there were very few pests (turltes and suckers) in this location that would tend to steal the sweet corn. The sweet corn was fished on a hair rig with a small #8 Umpqua Tiemco hook (see photo at right) and fished ahead of a method ball.  When I ran out of method, the hits slowed to almost nothing.  Just goes to show how effective that method ball can be.
As for the's a secret that I don't plan to divulge.


  1. Hey, unbelievable catch. Nice to see someone in the states trying to catch the carp with rod and reel instead of nailing it with a bow and arrow. Iv just stated my own blog its Take a look Jack c

  2. Jack, checked out the blog....I loved it. Added it as a link on my site. Thanks for sharing