Sunday, July 22, 2012

What is a Spomb?

A spomb is one of the latest devices for long distance prebaiting.  It actually looks like a small bomb that has fins and all.  This plastic device actually opens with a push of a button at the bottom.  Once open, the spomb can be packed with bait (any particle like corn, chick peas, etc. or even boilies).  The spomb is then closed with bait inside.  The spomb is then attached to the end of a line and the rod casts it outward.  When the spomb hits the water, the button on the bottom opens the spring loaded device and all the bait empties into the water.  The open spomb is then reeled in and ready to be filled and cast again. I will warn you that you need a heavy duty outfit to cast this device since the weight of the spomb along with the bait is at least 5-6 ounces.  But, with a heavy duty outfit, you will cast chum out much further than you can with traditional devices such as a baiting spoon or catapult (sling shot). Spombs are sold in most online carp stores.

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