Thursday, August 8, 2013


I have been on a real poor streak.  I blanked four days in a row.  I'm talking nothing, not even a hit from a carp.  So, I've been moving around, fishing different spots, hoping to find some place that would break my poor streak.  Well, the persistence has finally paid off.  I thought I was going to blank again tonight when suddenly, the screeching alarm broke a silent and dead evening.  Turns out the runner was a good looking, 15 lb.,  fully scaled mirror (see pic).  The fish hit unflavored maize fished ahead of a method ball. It was the only hit of the evening, but no one's complaining!


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  2. Went to RWP early this morning and within thirty seconds of getting bait in the water I had a screaming run. Unfortunately I didn't get to it on time. For the next three hours all I had was turtles thieving my bait. Murphy's Law...

  3. Well done and a very nice fish. I blankt a few times in a row also because of the heat. Now the temperatures were a bit lower for 3 days and whitin 24 hours I landed 8 carp. Here is a video compilation. Maby you like it.