Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lots of Big Fish Being Caught

This 21 lb. common carp was landed right
at dark tonight.  It was caught on  hair rigged
maize fished ahead of a method ball.
Call it a preview of good things to come.  This has been a big week of fishing for large carp here in RI.  I know of at least SEVEN CARP OVER 20 LBS. that have been landed by RI CAG members.  In addition there have been lots of fish from 10-20 lbs. that have also bee caught.  Not too shabby for the end of August.  Most of these fish are being caught on maize, a hard type of corn.  In addition, some of these fish have been caught at night.  Large carp tend to be very active at night in the fall.
I credit the cool, cloudy and rainy weather for the uptick in action in the last week.  In the coming weeks, the action should continue to be good.  In the past some very large carp have been landed here in RI in the fall.  Two years ago, I landed my 36 lber. (largest freshwater fish ever landed in RI) along with a 30 and 33 lber. in the fall.

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