Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today's catch was one fish,  a six pound mirror.
My fishing over the last five days can only be described as uneventful.  I've been getting out for a few hours just about every day and hitting a number of spots, but it's fish here, a fish there, maybe two fish if I'm lucky, maybe a blank if I'm not so lucky. And, most of the fish I'm catching are on the small size, running under 10 lbs.
This is August fishing, and it's not going to change unless the weather changes to either much cooler or rainy.  As an example of how things are going, here's what happened today.  I got out this morning for about two hours.  In Spot #1 I had one fish on when I first go there that took me into a snag.  That was it so I moved to Spot #2.  I landed one mirror, about 6 lbs., in that spot and it was my only hit.  I got it on maize.  In both locations I was harassed by sun turtles and the bait had to be checked often. I went back out in the evening for a couple of hours in a different location.  I was blanked on carp but landed one dace and was harassed by other dace just banging the bait.
So, fishing continues to be only fair to poor.  It's uneventful, but so typical of August fishing at this time of year.

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