Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hey, It's August

This near 20 lber. was landed two
days ago on a sunny morning.
This mirror was one of three carp
landed this morning on maize.
We are in the doldrums of carp fishing.  Hey, it's August and this is without question the slowest month of the year for carp fishing here in RI, even slower than the cold months of December and March.  The water temperature is at its warmest point.  The pests are at their most active time.  And, the carp at their slowest activity level compared to other times of the year.  You see very few jumps, few fish moving around and few bubble trails.  However, realize you can still catch them, and that's what keeps me fishing.
There's been a bit of an uptick in fishing in the last week.  I have landed exactly 16 carp in that period of time.  Most of those fish have been decent, running 10-20 lbs. I spent a lot of time to get them, and they were taken from 5 different venues. So, I've been moving around a lot.  All these fish were landed on unflavored maize. Most have also been caught either in the morning or right before dark.
So, realize fishing is slow.  It's slow whatever you are fishing for right now in  fresh and saltwater.  However, improvement is right around the corner in September.

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  1. If anyone has the time, Im gonna be fishing speck pond from about 3 to 9. I have been prebaiting and even though the fishing is slow, I'm still gonna keep trying. All are welcome, would like one of you senior members to come show me hoe its done!