Sunday, August 11, 2013

The DOUBLE: Ultimate Thrill Ride

What's more exciting that a screaming alarm and a blistering run?  How about two screaming alarms and blistering runs.  At the same time!  That's a double in carp fishing lingo, and it is the ultimate thrill ride.
It's happened many times to me in recent years, and the adrenalin is pumping every time I get a double take.  It happened again tonight.  I was fishing the Blackstone River in a new spot that had a steep bank leading to a rock along the water's edge.  There was brush on both sides of me.  It would have been a difficult spot to land one fish, let alone two.  I was there about fifteen minutes, and then I had a screeching run on one outfit.  As I went to lift up that rod, the other alarm goes off.  Pandemonium followed as I had two fish tearing down the fast river current.  I tried to hold one rod with my knees while pumping and reeling the other.  Gain a little line and switch rods and continue the Chinese Fire Drill. This went one for a period of time until I had both fish in front of me.  I now realized there was no place to beach one fish, and both would have to be netted.  So, I grabbed one fish with the net, put that rod between my knees and then grabbed the other with the net. It went a lot smoother than I expected. The two hefty mirrors in the net added up to thirty four pounds of carp. Both fish were nearly the same size. 
Another memorable double!

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