Friday, August 9, 2013

Once Again, Nasty Weather Lights Up Carp Fishing

Biggest fish of the day was a low
to mid twenty pound common.
The "ghost" carp swims away.
This is a whitish/grayish common.
I've seen this pattern happen so many times.  Fishing is generally dead and then a storm comes along and just lights up the fishing. It happened to me, once again, today.  Yes, I was out all morning into the afternoon in this torrential rain and strong wind, my kind of fishing day. Unlike the last week of fishing, the fish were active today.  I saw some jumping, and the big boys were hitting with aggression.  I landed three real decent fish that went from the mid teens into the low twenties.  They were all commons.  One fish, in particular, was unusual.  It was a ghost carp, a graying/whitish light colored common that looked like a ghost in the water (see pic of it swimming away). All of today's fish were taken on plain, unflavored maize fished ahead of a method ball.
The lesson from today, once again, is this.  If you are looking for hot fishing, get yourself some heavy duty rain gear and head out in a storm to fish for carp.  Some of my biggest fish through the years have fallen on days like today. It was two years ago that I landed the biggest freshwater fish ever caught (36 lbs.) in RI on a day similar to today!

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