Sunday, May 25, 2014

Color of the Week......PINK

This forty pound monster is about
to be released.  It fell for the bait
combination at the right.
This bait combo of a pink ESP
artificial corn matched with two
kernels of sweet corn on the hair
has been a hot bait for big fish this week.
Make sure you pack a method ball
around the sinker for added attraction.
This has been one of the best weeks of the year for me with lots of carp from the upper teens through the twenties along with that monster 40 lb. mirror.  The common thread here is that all my big fish have fallen for the same bait combination.
The hot bait has been an artificial ESP Big Buoyant Sweet Corn in  a pink color.  That artificial went on the hair first followed by two kernels of real sweet corn.  This was all fished with a method ball packed around the sinker.
I'm not surprised that this bait combo worked.  There was a study done that concluded that carp were attracted to "warm" colors.  The top color was pink followed by orange, red and yellow.  All spring I have been adding color to my bait combinations on the hair, and it has resulted in the best spring for big carp I have ever experienced.
Forty pounders are not easy to fool, but I'm convinced that pink artificial did the trick!

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