Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WINNER.....Big Carp Tackle.....April Carp of the Month

Big Carp Tackle, the largest online carp fishing tackle site in the US (www.bigcarptackle.com ) sponsors a monthly photo contest for CAG members.  It's a popular contest with upwards of 20-30 carp entered a month.  The winner is not necessarily the biggest fish but it's the best looking or most unusual fish that wins. The payoff is very generous with a $100 gift certificate to the winner.
As everyone knows, I am a big photo guy.  I take a lot of pictures.  I also take a lot of self portrait timed shots by myself with the camera on some kind of mount. I take most of my pictures with inexpensive (about $50-$100) Canon compact cameras.
My winner was a beautiful fully scaled mirror (20 lbs.) that had very unusual scales.  Some of them were as large as baseballs while others were much smaller.  The fish was also especially a golden color, and its scales seemed to shine like gold coins.  I thought it was the most beautiful fully scaled mirror I have ever caught, and that's why I entered it.  I guess the judges thought the same as I did.

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