Sunday, May 4, 2014


Today's haul was a mix of commons
and mirrors.
2 fishermen, 1 afternoon/evening, 40 carp......
The fish went 10-18 lbs.
Yes, that's right, a phenomenal 40 carp in one session.  Fellow RI CAG member Daphne and I hit a pond today and came away with the biggest hit of the year.  We fished in a big wind that also came with heavy showers on and off.  In my mind it was ideal conditions to fish for carp, and the fish were really turned on..  These fish were a mix of commons and mirrors and went 10-18 lbs.  Most of the fish fell for combo baits of chick peas and artificial floating corn with a method ball pressed into the sinker.  Yes, I'm back to  using the plastic stuff. With the Blackstone River running very high I decided to go back to pond fishing today, and it really paid off.  In a sport where two or three fish is a good day, this was just PHENOMENAL!

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