Sunday, May 11, 2014

Impressive Catches in May for Big 3

This is the biggest mirror entered
so far in May for the
RI CAG Big 3 at just under 21 lbs.
The biggest common is a whopping
30 lbs., 8 oz.
Our RI CAG members continue to rack up some impressive fish in the second leg of our Big 3 Tournament.  So far in May quite a few fish in the twenties have been landed along with our first 30 pound carp.  This week noted big carp hunter, Kev Wasliewski (known as RI's Dark Carper) set the bar real high with a 30 lb., 8 oz. common carp that he landed from Roger Williams Park.  This was his second thirty pounder this spring, a monumental achievement.  Most RI carp fishermen will never catch one thirty in their lifetime here in RI,and this guy has two of them in just over a month. WOW!  You can read about his catch and see a video at
Big carp are on the prowl now because they are in a prespawn mode.  Prior to spawning, they tend to pack up and feed heavily.  In addition, the females are loaded with eggs, making them even heavier.  This is the time to get out and catch a real big one.
Some other impressive catches in the last couple of weeks that have been entered in the Big 3 include Daphne's 22 lb. common (a new PB for RI's Carper Gal), Nick's 24 lb. common, and Todd's nearly 21 lb. mirror.  Nice going, RI CAG carpers!

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