Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On a May Roll

It's been very hot action in the
last three days with 33 carp up to
18 lbs.
The hot bait has been a combo
bait of one chick pea and a kernel
of artificial floating corn on the
hair rig.
It's been a real hot last three days of carp fishing for me.  I've landed exactly 33 carp in a number of different spots.  It just seems like every place I try is producing. The fish I have gotten have ranged from 8-18 lbs.  There have been no real big ones, but I'm not complaining since the action has been non-stop.
The hot bait in this May bonanza has been a combo bait of chick peas with a kernel of floating artificial corn.  This is all placed on the hair rig with a method ball around the sinker.  Chick peas or garbanzo beans are a hot bait here in RI.  I buy mine dry.  To prepare them, boil water then add a handful of them.   Boil for exactly 20 minutes.  I then let them sit and swell for a while and then transfer them to a container that I refrigerate.
In past years May has been one of my hottest months of carp fishing.  This is a month in which the carp hit real well even in the middle of the daytime.  For instance, in the last three days the hot action has occurred from noon to 3:00 PM.  May is one of those months that produce a lot of fish as well as big fish.  In the last five years I have landed 9 carp OVER 30 lbs. in the month of May and generally average about 100 carp this month.
If you can put in a lot of time fishing for carp, this is the month to do it!

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