Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Disaster as Blackstone Canal Dries Up

This is the dried up Blackstone
Canal.  An ecological disaster
is taking place as you read this.
There is an ecological disaster in the making as you read this post.  Many of you have fished the Blackstone Canal for carp which runs along the Bike Path in Lincoln.  This canal has been nearly drained in recent days and could well completely dry up in the next few days killing everything in the canal including the fish, turtles, frogs, etc.
The Town of Lincoln controls the water level in the canal.  Here is the story I have pieced together. Two days ago a crew was sent there to "fix" the spillway that had been leaking. This is an archaic contraption in which boards are either taken out or added to control the water flow.  Those boards were rotting so a crew went there to remove the boards.  But, they had no new boards to replace the rotted ones.  Really smart!  So, most of the water was let out of the canal.
I called the Town to complain, but of course, no one there knew who was in charge of the water flow in the canal.  They thought maybe it was the DPW head so I was connected to him, but he was away for the day.  Isn't Town government a wonderful thing?  Then, I called the RI DEM.  They weren't sure who deals with someone draining a waterway.  Could this be "dam control" I was asked?  They didn't know who deals with this so they told me to call the Town Hall.  Great!
Of course, all of this came about on a Friday afternoon when no one is around to deal with the problem.
So, as nothing is being done, the canal continues to dry up.  There is no water coming in due to the low level of the river and most of the water has been let out.

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  1. What a shame Dave one of my fav spots to take someone to catch there first carp for years now