Sunday, July 13, 2014

Berry Drop Done.....Now the Hard Part Begins

This carp was caught recently in a shady spot in the morning.
Fish the cool parts of the day for best summer action.
It's been one of the most successful years ever of mulberry fishing for me. In the last two weeks I have landed over 60 carp while freelining mulberries.  On most days I was averaging 5 or 6 carp an outing with most of those fish going 10-20 lbs.  It was just too easy!
Now, the hard part begins. That summer period from mid July to the end of August is tough for fishing, maybe the most difficult of the year for consistency.  The water is at its warmest and the carp are often not in a feeding mood.  In addition, pests like turtles, horned pout and dace are at their most active time of the year. Yes, you can still catch carp, but it takes some adjustment in your fishing.
Here are a few tips that just might get you a carp of two on a warm summer outing:
1.  Fish the cool times.  Early mornings are good, evenings and nighttime are also good.
2. Really put in some time on crappy, rainy, lousy days.  Those type of days are your best bets for daytime fishing.
3.  Fish with maize, boilies or other hard and big  baits.  This is your insurance against pests stealing your bait.  Of course, nothing will stop snapping turtles.
4.  Seek moving water.  River fish are far more active than still water fish at this time.
5.  Look for summer hotspots.  Yes, some summer places are better than others.  You need to find those spots by putting in your time.
6.  Prebait.  Yes, still one of the most effective ways to get carp feeding in the places you are fishing.
7.  Take what you can get.  In other times of the year I am targeting large carp.  But, I'll take any fish in the dead of summer.
8.  Fish in places where there is limited activity.  Stay away from heavy boat traffic, swimmers, jet skiers, etc.. Many carp spots turn into zoos in the summer heat and that will put the fish down.

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