Thursday, July 3, 2014

Freelining.....SO Effective

Freelined mulberries
are very effective
carp baits.
This fish in the teens was landed
this morning on a freelined
mulberry that was fished under
a mulberry tree.
For the last week I have been mostly freelining, and catching good numbers of carp from 10-15 lbs. Freelining is one of the simplest techniques of carp fishing, yet one of the most effective.  It involves simply putting some type of bait on a hook with no sinker involved.  It makes for a very natural presentation that even fussy carp can't seem to resist.
My bait of choice in freelining in the last week has been mulberries.  Carp just love this food, and if you can find a tree that overhangs a shoreline where carp exist you will have a good supply of bait and a good supply of fish willing to eat that bait.  To freeline a mulberry, simply impale the berry with a small hook.  I use a #8 short shank Umpqua Tiemco 2457. This offering will not cast far so the carp have to be feeding in close range.  If the carp are taking the berries on the surface, you will need a floater.  These are usually harder, less ripe berries.  If there is no surface activity, try sinking your offering.  To get a sinker, just squeeze the berry a bit and it will sink after hitting the water.  Once you cast out your offering, pay close attention to the line.  If it starts to take off, pull.
In the past I have freelined lots of other baits including doughballs, bread crust, and corn.  They all will work in the right situation.

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