Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two Twenty Pound Brutes Landed on Mulberries!

This low to mid twenty pound
mirror was landed on a mulberry
along with 12 other good size
carp today. Best day in months!
This was the first twenty of the day
landed on mulberries.
I had a wild day of freelining mulberries today as the carp were on the feed.  I suspect yesterday's storm with its wind and rain dumped tons of mulberries into the water and the carp were on them big time. The rain also cooled the water further fueling the activity,  While I have been getting mostly smaller carp in the 8-12 lb. range on mulberries for the past week, today was a different story.  I landed 13 fish with most of them going from 10 lbs. up into the 20's.  I had two big mirrors that were over twenty pounds (see photos) along with a near 20 common.  While I have landed 20 lbers. before on mulberries this is the first time I have been able to catch two of them on the same day while fishing mulberries. Mulberry fishing is about the hottest I have ever seen it right now. Those 13 carp landed today amount to the best day numbers wise that I have seen in months,  Quite a day!

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