Saturday, July 19, 2014


Last night I was looking for a quiet spot to fish.  I was basically fed up with fishing next to yahoos, rude boaters, jet skiers and all the other bs that goes with summer fishing in the daylight.  So I headed up into MA to a woodsy spot that I had to hike to along the Blackstone River where I have never seen another fisherman or boater. This is a marshy area of the Blackstone where I have seen ospreys and even eagles on occasion.  It's one of those out-of-the-way spots that is hard to get to but oh so quiet, scenic and peaceful.  And, it has fish.
To my surprise, this was a real good night.  I managed to land 4 mirrors and 2 commons (see pics of two of the fish), and I lost another two fish in an hour and a half of fishing. Got them all on maize.  These were not big carp with all of them going less than ten pounds, but they were feisty.  Hey, at this time of the year I will take anything I can get.
Summertime fishing can be tough with all the people out and activity on the waters.  In addition, the carp can be fussy and moody in the summer heat, making for some slow fishing. But, not tonight.  It was good and peaceful!

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