Sunday, July 27, 2014

Disaster Averted....Maybe

Here is one dead
bluegill as a result
of the canal drying up.
I saw at least 20 dead
bluegills and perch.
The water level rose about a foot
today after temporary repairs to
the north end spillway . 
The canal is still
dangerously low but the water
level has improved.
A major fish kill may have been averted in the Blackstone Canal.  After realizing a complete screw up, the Town workers returned the rotting boards yesterday in the north end spillway and that allowed water once again to flow into the Canal.  I checked on it today and the water level has risen about a foot in the entire canal. Places that were dry yesterday had some water today.  It is still dangerously low, but I do believe the fish that survived will make it if the water level stays where it is.
Apparently the Town reacted when there was an outcry from the public.  I called the Town Hall and posted the previous post.  The rangers who work the Bike Path also contacted State officials.  The volunteer group, Friends of the Blackstone, also contacted State officials about the problem. I talked to many concerned walkers and bike riders who said they would contact the Town or State about this serious problem.
However, not all the wildlife survived.  I found at least two dozen dead and rotting fish near the south end spillway.  These were perch as well as bluegills. So, there was a minor fish kill that resulted.

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