Sunday, October 19, 2014

After Dark Working

In the last three nights I have fished a lot in the evening into the night.  The carp have been active at and after dark.  The daylight has produced very little when I fished in the morning lately.
Most fishermen don't associate nighttime fishing with carp fishing. I will tell you that they do feed well at night, sometimes just as good as they feed in the daytime.  Fall is one of the prime times to fish at night, although some fishermen like RI CAGer Kev Wasliewski gets them throughout the year at night.
The approach at night is the same as fishing in the daytime.  I think bite alarms are almost a must at night since it can be mighty dark in some spots, and the sound and light on the alarms are great to alert you to a hit when you can't see a thing.  Baiting is the same as fishing in the daylight.  Wear some warm clothing and bring a quality headlight and you are set for night fishing.

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