Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just Been an Average Fall So Far

The weather has been great this fall, but the carp fishing
has simply been average.
I've been describing this fall's carp fishing as simply fair.  Well, I'll throw another word out there....average.  In the last ten years I have averaged about fifty fish in each of the months of September and October.  This year I landed 57 carp in Sept. and 55 in Oct.  Pretty average in my book.
Fall fishing for carp can vary greatly.  Last year, my best early fall ever (September and October), I landed 163 carp in those two months.  Way above average.  However, back in 2010, I landed only 52 carp in those two months. Way below average. Note that I am fishing about the same number of days and times.
I thought this would have been one of those very good years because the weather has been warm so far.  But, I guess the weather has not been much of a factor.  The big issue is that I can't seem to find a hot venue.  I'm talking a place where I can rack up some big numbers in a short period of time.  Those hotspots are just not happening this fall for me. Maybe something hot will turn up in November.

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