Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Nights

This good size common was
recently landed at night.  Fall
nights are productive for carp
If you have never fished at night for carp, now is prime time to get out and fish in the darkness.  The fish are on the fall feed and with the days getting shorter and shorter, carp often feed heavily at night at this time of year.  Once the real cold weather sets arrives in November, the nighttime bite will subside.
There are no different techniques involved in nighttime fishing. Just make sure you have a good headlight.  Bite alarms are also just about a must since it is very difficult to see your outfits in pitch dark blackness.
I will admit that I don't often fish at night for carp. My nighttime fishing is often done at saltwater for stripers, yet in the fall I often fish at night for carp when not striper fishing.  I have gotten out carp fishing several times at night in the last couple of weeks and caught fish each time. My bait of choice has been combo baits of maize and artificial pop up corn.
With darkness arriving earlier and earlier, nighttime is about the only option for working guys who want to fish for carp.  Pick out a safe location and give it a try.  You might just be surprised at how good it can be.

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