Sunday, October 5, 2014

Strange, but True....Blind, Eyeless Carp Landed

Look closely.  You see the fish's
nostrels, but no eyes on either side
of the head.
I've caught one eyed carp in the past, but never had I ever caught an eyeless carp.  This totally blind carp was landed today on a combo bait of maize and an artificial pop up.
The fish had no eyes whatsoever on either side of its head. In fact, when I released the fish it sort of felt its way along the shallow shoreline and made its way slowly out to deeper water. It's amazing that this fish could survive and flourish in this state.  I estimate the fish was at least fifteen pounds, had a good size gut, and looked very healthy.  I suspect this fish used some highly sophisticated senses to live its life. Don't underestimate a carp's senses.  They are the most highly developed of any fish I have ever caught in freshwater.

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