Monday, October 27, 2014

Best Hour of the Fall

This is one of six carp landed in
just one hour of fishing tonight.
This has not been a banner fall.  I've written a number of times about how the carp fishing has only been "fair" thus far here in RI.  So, when I went out tonight locally for a short session of only hour or so I was hoping for maybe a fish or two.
I got a surprise.  The fish were active and hitting.  In a short hour or so I landed 6 mirrors.  This was the best hour of fishing I have had all fall.  The fish tonight started hitting a half hour before dark and continued hitting after dark.  I landed all the fish on maize fished on the hair rig. I will also tell you that I prebaited the area I fished earlier in the day. Prebaiting always ups the chances of catching fish.
I suspect that the recent cold nights have gotten a fall run going and gotten the carp feeding in anticipation of winter as water temperatures are on the way down.  Let's hope this sudden good fishing I had tonight continues.

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