Saturday, August 15, 2015


This good looking mirror is number 500 on the year.
I got my 500th carp of the year this week. It was a real good looking mirror. Mirrors have dominated my totals since I generally fish where there are lots of mirror carp. Every year my goal is to catch 500 carp, and this year I have reached it super early. Those record breaking months in the spring have really upped my totals for the year. My best year ever was last year when I landed 750 carp.  With a decent fall and early winter, that could be beaten.
August is turning out to be far better than expected for me as I am on a bit of a roll for this time of year. In the last week I have landed 30 carp, real good numbers in this August heat.  I have committed to fishing different spots from other summers, and it is really working out for me. A key to carp fishing success is to constantly be looking for new and productive spots that are off the beaten path and away from the fishing pressure.

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