Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RI's Carp Gear Tackle Shop.....Continental Bait and Tackle, Cranston

Here is just a sampling of  some of the carp gear
at Continental Bait and Tackle.
RI carp anglers were constantly asking me where they could buy carp fishing gear.  My reply up until recently was that there were no tackle shops stocking an extensive line of carp gear.  Well, that has now changed.
RI's #1 Tackle Shop for carp gear.
Continental Bait and Tackle, 1065 Park Ave., Cranston, RI (943-2137) is now stocking all kinds of gear such as bait (boilies), carp hooks, hair rigs, baiting needles, sling shots, throwing spoons, sinkers, method feeders, banksticks and even alarms to name a few items. They also have an extensive supply of baitrunner reels.  The owner, Craig Mancini, got in touch with me and asked what he should be carrying.  He also had a lot of requests from his customers.  That prompted him to start stocking the shelves with carp gear.  The result?  He claims he can't keep the stuff on the shelves.  It is moving that fast. And, if Craig does not have what you want, he claims he can get it.
Why other tackle dealers in RI are not getting into carp gear is a complete mystery to me.  It is the fastest growing fishery around the country, and judging from the interest here in RI, I would rate it as our fastest growing freshwater fishery.

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