Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pulling Out All the Stops

One kernel of maize is hooked and
ready to be freelined.
In this slowdown, I have been doing a lot of experimenting.  I'm trying different spots along with different methods and baits. I've been having marginal success, picking up 10 carp in the last 4 outings,
In the last couple of days I have been freelining maize for finicky carp  This method involves simply hooking one kernel of maize directly on a #8 hook.  It is cast with no sinker or other hardware involved.  Prior to fishing, I try to bait an area in close to shore and try to lure some carp into feeding.  Once they are around and picking up the free offerings, I cast my bait (warning, it doesn't cast very far) and wait for a hit.  At times, I could watch the carp as it picked up my offering. Once a fish is hooked the others tend to spook and I needed to wait about 20 minutes before the others returned.  While I am not killing the fish doing this I have picked up several 10 lbers.  Certainly, better than nothing!
This ten pound common fell for freelined maize.

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