Monday, August 10, 2015

Picking Away

I've had four months in a row of personal record months in  terms of numbers of carp, but I can say with certainty that August will not follow the record trend. While things are not hot and heavy, I am picking away at fish and catching on almost every outing. The numbers and sizes are not there, but that is August fishing.  Things will change with the cooling weather in September.
I haven't fished much in the last week since I was away in NY for my oldest son's wedding.  So, yesterday was the first time out in four days.  The fishing was decent as I went out for a couple of hours in the morning and landed two and went back in the evening and got six more. All the fish were under ten pounds, but that's ok for this time of year. I am getting all my fish on maize these days since it is a far more durable bait than flimsy sweet corn. So far this month I have 25 carp.  My expectations for August are that I can average two fish an outing.  Sixty fish for the month and I would be very happy.
This decent size mirror was landed this morning using maize. The fishing in
August so far has been typical of most years with a fish or two per outing. We
are in the slowest period of the year.

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