Thursday, August 13, 2015

What's Needed to Tackle the Beast?

This big common in the twenties was landed recently on
the equipment described on the left.  The 30 lber. from the
last post was also landed on this same equipment.
There's a lot of carp fishermen out there who would like to catch a BIG one.  Beginners seem to look for a 20 lber. Those with a little experience have their sights on a 25.  And, the dreamers out there are looking for a 30 lber. And, those shooting for the moon would like to get a 40.
But, making it a reality is a far different story. I will tell you right out that most fishermen are fishing too light and have little or no chance at landing that beast when it does strike.  That 6 foot freshwater bass rod with a light reel and ten pound test line is simply no match for a real big fish. You can not imagine the power of a large carp over 30 lbs.  Add the fact that many fishermen don't even carry a net or they have a net made for a 12 inch trout should make you can conclude that it just is not going to happen unless you are super lucky.
I can tell you that all the CAG members I know that have landed 30 lb. carp in RI (and there are only a handful) were ready for it.  They had the right equipment, a sturdy carp net and the experience to make it happen.
Here is a list of everything I used two days ago to land that 30 lb. common:
1. Rod- Fox Warrior 12 foot carp rod, 3 lb. test curve
2. Reel- Shimano 8000D Baitrunner Reel
3. Line- 20 lb. test Berkeley Big Game mono, clear color
4. Hook- #8 Umpqua Tiemco 2457, hair rigged
5. Hooklink- 50 lb. test red Power Pro, short length, 5 in.
6. Method Ball- Yes, oatmeal/cornmeal/bread mix packed around sinker
7. Sinker- Homemade no roll 1 oz. sinker painted green weed
8. Net- Fox Horizon carp net 

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