Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Rare August Beast.......30 lbs., 4 oz.

From late July into August I have been writing about a slowdown in terms of numbers and sizes of carp.  But, it all changed with yesterday's stormy weather. My massive fish was a rare catch for August.  I have never landed a 30 lb. carp in the month of August, but it happened yesterday.  Most of the big carp I have landed (fish over 30 lbs.) have come in the spring or the fall.  Big fish in the dead of summer are rare here in RI.
I knew I had the right day yesterday for something big to happen.  I had experienced very good fishing in the past on rainy, nasty, windy days in the summer, and yesterday's weather was ideal. I've fished in the past during tropical storms and hurricanes, and all produced exceptional results.  This fish hit in the middle of a wind driven downpour.  It took straight maize fished on a hair rig ahead of a method ball. The massive common weighed 30 lbs., 4 oz. Besides this fish I also had a 21 lb. common and two others under 10 lbs.
This marks my 16th carp over 30 lbs. (14 thirty pound fish and 2 forty pound fish).
So, big fish can be caught in the dead of summer, but you will need the right conditions to do it.  I had it yesterday!
This massive common weighed 30 lbs., 4 oz. and was landed in the middle
of s downpour.  Thirty pound carp are rare here in RI and even rarer in the summer.

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