Thursday, August 27, 2015

MA Sportfishing Catch and Release Awards Program

If you meet the minimum
length, you will be awarded
an engraved pin.
The state of MA does a terrific job with their Sportfishing Awards Program.  This year they added a catch-and-release component.  See MA Sportfishing Awards. The website lists a minimum length for each freshwater species. For those entering, it requires a photo of the fish next to a measuring tape. The application can be filled in online, the photo downloaded and everything e-mailed or it can all be sent via postal mail. Very easy.
My pin winner was 35 inches.  The minimum
entry for a carp is 31 inches.
Their minimum length for carp is 31 inches.  I'll tell you that is a good size carp, probably in the 20-25 lb. range. The carp I entered was 35 inches, my biggest by length in MA waters.  That fish was quite skinny and weighed 27 lbs.  I had a fat 29 + lber. but it only measured 34 inches. So, this contest, like so many other catch-and release contests, goes by length.
Every entry receives a beautiful pin with the length and date engraved on the back.  The pin can be worn on a hat or jacket.  Very classy.
Now, you might ask, "Does RI do something like this?" Are you kidding.  The do have a Sportfishing Awards Program but they don't recognize carp. Is anyone surprised?

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