Friday, August 28, 2015

Steadily Fair

Here's a good size mirror
landed yesterday.
This 20 lb. common was
landed last week.
The fishing is not real good, but it is not bad either.  It is what I would call "steadily fair". In the last two weeks, I have gotten anywhere from one to a few fish an outing.  The sizes have been all over the place from a few pounds up to the low twenties. This is typical for August.  The water is very warm and very low, the weed growth is real bad this year, and the pests are super active. It is not the best conditions.
This will not really improve until we get a change in the weather.  We could use some rain along with cool weather.  Those conditions should perk up the fishing in a number of locations. While fall fishing can be a hit-or-miss deal, I have had some banner days in the fall in past years.
At this point I am slightly ahead (numbers-wise) of my August numbers in the last four years.  Normally, I can count on catching 50-60 carp in August.  I am currently at 71 fish with a few more days to go.
Regardless of what happens, this August will go down as a special month for me.  That RI 30 lber. I landed a few weeks ago has made my summer.

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