Friday, December 26, 2014

700th Carp of the Year on a Sizzling, Hot Day of Fishing

Nick hold a good size mirror.
I hold a mirror that was one of 29
that we landed today!
Wow, the fishing is hot, hotter than I have ever seen in the month of December.  Credit this real mild spell for turning on the carp fishing.
Today was a milestone for me as I landed my 700th carp of the year.  There have been only two other years in which I have been able to get to 700 so this is a big deal for me.
I got out today with my friend and fellow RI CAGer Nick.  We hit the venue where I have been experiencing hot fishing in the last few days.  Today was even better than those days.  Nick and I landed a grand total of 29 carp, all mirrors.  Those numbers are off the charts in the month of December.  There was a period of time today (early afternoon, warmest part of the day) in which we could not keep four lines in the water.  Several times we would BOTH have a fish on at the same time. It was like fishing a pre-spawn bonanza in May. The hot bait continues to be sweet corn on the hair rig without any method ball.
As long as this mild weather sticks around, expect the fishing to remain very good.

My 700th carp of the year!


  1. How many feet of water are you fishing? I got out today and the water was still brutally cold where I was.

  2. I tend to fish shallow water during a winter warm-up. The water where I was fishing was less than 6 feet.