Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Fishing Way Off

The alarms have been silent lately
as December fishing has been poor.
December has never been a big month of carp fishing here in RI, but I have always been able to average 15-20 fish in the month of December in past years.  Not this year.  So far, the fishing is way, way off.  I've been looking in lots of spots and getting out several times a week, but I have only been able to get three carp so far in December.
So, what's wrong.  I attribute a lot of this lousy fishing to that very cold spell that we had back in late November around Thanksgiving.  At that time, the ice was forming in a lot of places and the carp went into their winter funk.  They have not really perked up since.  In addition, we have had a lot of cloudy, rainy, cold weather.  I find that when the sun is shining on shallow water, it tends to perk up the carp.  Cloudy and cool weather has always fished poorly at this time of year.  Also, the weather has not been cold but it has not been warm either. It seems to be steadily in the thirties and low forties by day and in the high twenties at night. Finally, all this rain has really swelled the Blackstone River, one of my prime winter places to fish.  The River is unfishable right now.
So, my plan is to keep slugging it out and hope that the fishing perks up before the ice arrives.

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