Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On the Board in Dec.

I got out today and landed several nice carp (2 mirrors and a common) in some cool, raw weather (see photos).  These are my first ones in Dec. as I blanked on Dec.1st. For the first time this fall I noticed the fish were sluggish on the take as well as the fight.  That does happen in cold weather and cold water.  The takes were very subtle, sometimes just a series of small taps on rod tip.  When this happens, pick up the rod, engage the reel and give it a slight pull and hope for the best.  It worked that way several times today.  The best bait today was a small kernel of maize with a small artificial kernel of yellow pop up corn.  I used no method, an approach I generally use in winter, a time when less is usually better.

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