Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Gift of Carp on Christmas Morning

This is one of 16 carp landed in just an hour and a half of
fishing.  The Christmas morning fishing was phenomenal.
I must say upfront that I don't normally fish on Christmas Day.  However, a number of "circumstances" led to my going out for a short period of time this morning.  My young adult sons went out last night and got home real late so they planned to sleep till about noontime.  My wife was cooking away and wanted me out of her way and out of the house so she could "cook in peace". My son and his fiance Kristy were coming in from New York in early afternoon.  I was told I had to be back around noontime to cut up the turkey and get ready for the dinner and the family party.
So, I decided hit a nearby place on this very mild Christmas morning.  I figured I was going  out to get some fresh air and exercise and maybe, if I was lucky, I would catch a carp.
Lucky I was as I experienced one of my best late fall/early winter days ever.  The action began almost immediately as the carp pounced on the sweet corn almost as soon as it hit the bottom.  From that first fish on it was nearly non-stop action.  Rarely did I have two outfits in the water as I seemed to be battling a carp, taking off a fish, snapping pics, rebaiting, etc.  In a short period of one and a half hours of glorious fishing, I landed 16 carp, maybe the most I have ever gotten in that short a period of time.  Included in that take were three doubles.
Yes, I was a good boy and left the hot fishing to get back in more than enough time for the turkey carving, the dinner and the party.
Some Christmas gifts are surprises The carp on this Christmas morning were on of those surprises and one of my best gifts of the day!

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