Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Subfreezing Temps., Icing, and HITTING Like Crazy

This 13 lb. mirror sits on some
shoreline ice.  It was one of 15
carp landed today.
This 10 lb. mirror also sits in some
shoreline ice. Most of the carp today
were taken with a delicate approach
geared to winter fishing (see post).
I ventured out this morning with temperatures in the mid 20's.  I would have guessed the cold would put an end to my terrific streak of winter carpin.  I was wrong as today turned into one of my best winter days as I landed 15 carp from 5-13 lbs. A good number of fish went over 10 lbs.  At times the action was non-stop.
I even switched venues today as the pond I had been fishing was completely iced up when I got there.  So, I put into action Plan B and I headed for some ice free river currents where I was able to fish although the shoreline was frozen in spots.  I was experimenting with a new rig today which was basically made with a long (12-14 in.) monofilament hooklink (10 lb. test mono) with a tiny #10 hair rigged hook (hair rigged on fly tying vice with nylon thread) at the hook end.  I used a small 1/2 oz. steel egg sinker and a small method ball.  I used only two kernels of sweet corn on the hair.  This delicate presentation, fished on a light, 9 ft. steelhead rod and a baitrunner reel spooled with 10 lb. test mono, was highlighted in some UK sites for winter fishing. It worked like a charm and caught a good number of the fish today. The delicate rigs and presentation really appeal to winter carp that are touch about feeding and taking a bait.

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