Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sweet Corn a Killer Bait Right Now

It was another big haul today with good numbers of carp
along with two doubles.
Sweet corn has been THE bait this week as I have landed close to 50 carp in my last three outings on the sweet corn.  Most carp fishermen know this is the bait of choice for carp fishing but for much of the warm weather months it is a problem to keep the stuff on the hair rig.  Pests like turtles, bluegills, horned pout, dace and other small fish will just pick the delicate sweet corn apart.  But, alas, the water is just too cold for those pests to be active so the carp have it all to themselves and they will pounce right on it.
Today was another torrid day of fishing for me with good numbers of carp landed. Here's a few tips that you might find helpful if you are looking for December Carp:
I like three kernels of sweet corn on
the hair.
*In a big warm-up, hit shallow spots in small ponds that warm up quickly. I am fishing in water that is generally 3-5 feet deep.
*I use three pieces of sweet corn on the hair.  Hair rigging is far more effective than putting the bait on a hook. I am using no method.
* Go small.  Small hooks (#8), small hooklink (4 inches maybe), small sinker (one oz.or less)
*Fish the warmest part of the day.  Last three days that time from noon to 3:00 has been very good.
*Keep chumming or prebaiting. I use maize or sweet corn.
*I am using "Double Luck" sweet corn from Walmart (48 cents a can.  Can you beat that deal?)
*Put in your time and move around if the fish are not hitting in one spot.  Sometimes you have to find the "winter bunch".

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